High performance noise heat anti vibration mats sound deadener compared to dynamat hushmat & secondskin


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Q: Why do we feel our product is “better” then the rest?

A: *Well we feel our product is superior as closed cell dense foam works well without adding tons of weight.
Now other products can claim a bit better numbers in sound and vibration test but anyone can take a thick heavy material and make it work well. What they are selling is glorified roofing tar with a foil backing for a premium price. Our product weighs only 2lbs per roll, including the cardboard tube. For the little bit of sound & vibration advantage you get using such thick heavy material like the others use, they take away performance by adding allot of unneeded weight.

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Full sun, black car, no headliner, windows up, bare roof Full sun, black car, no headliner, windows down, bare roof
Full sun, black car, no headliner, windows up, Smitty Mats installed Full sun, black car, no headliner, windows down, Smitty Mats installed

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